How to Create a Believable (And Terrifying) Villain

P.A. Moed

The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture. ~Alfred Hitchcock

The great filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock was certainly a master of creating very credible and terrifying villains.  In fact, after seeing his movie Psycho in high school, I was so frightened for a while that I’d peer out from behind the shower curtain to make sure that Norman Bates hadn’t followed me into the bathroom, his axe raised.

Hitchcock’s statement about villains can also apply to fiction.  Who will ever forget Daphne Du Maurier’s evil housekeeper,  Mrs. Danvers, in the novel Rebecca?  Or, the behemoth Moby Dick?  Or, the one-handed Captain Hook?   The bloodthirsty Count Dracula?  Or, J.K. Rowling’s dastardly Voldemort?

From the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Good or Evil?  Shot in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston with my iPhone 4.

In the process of writing my novel, The Incident at Montebello, I had to work the hardest on Donato, my antagonist.  …

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